Monday, December 6, 2010

An Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes!

Hey All, 
Are you ready to see what it takes to bring our cLayzie 'ol world to Life!?!  Well, here's a first glance at what goes down behind the scenes of Cool Town!  All videos can be found in our 'Video Bar' to the right or simply follow the links below the photos.

Photo Description: Animating the Fly's eyes. From the set of "Lights Out" a two-part PSA.

                                                         Watch "Lights Out:Scenario One" (Above)
Watch "Lights Out: Scenario Two"
Photo Description: Character Modeling from "At High Cost: The French Maid"

Photo Description: Creating replicas of Dom's Delights succulent treats.
To find out more about Dom's Delights and how you can place your order, check out their Facebook Page:  
Watch "Dom's Dleights"

Photo Description: Inserts for our Award Winning, "Spare Some Change?"
Watch our Award Winning, "Spare Some Change?
Be sure to check back for more Exclusive Behind the Scenes photos from our sets!

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