Sunday, January 25, 2015

Constantine Claymation - John Con Noir - Our Latest Masterpiece!

John Con Noir is a Constantine claymation for the television show Constantine starring Matt Ryan. Its character, John Constantine, is from DC Comics' Hellblazer. The sets, puppets and props were designed, fabricated and built by our very own Carol Rasaphangthong and Jennifer Kim - who were also the animators on John Con Noir. The graffiti art in the alley set was done by artist, Amy Tanaka, who occassionally, like several other artists and creatives, lend their special skills and talents to Cool Town projects.

Constantine John Con Noir EP.1 "Trash" was featured on DC Comics' website and DC Entertainment's official YouTube channel. It has been mentioned on several blogs and websites such as and others alike. It is a property of Warner Bros. and currently lives on DC Comics' website and can also be found on our social outlets and channels as well as NBC's official site.

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