Monday, January 17, 2011

Ellen 'dominates' Cool Town!

Just to exercise our skills and for some good practice we decided to 'have a little fun' (dancing to Ellen's theme song!) by replicating, to the best of our ability and with limited resources, The Ellen DeGeneres Show's set along with a Cool Town Claymation version of Ellen to complete the package! This was lots of fun to do and was completed in a total of 9 hours build time and 2 hours shoot time. We'll have the quick skit up in a few days! But for now, we just wanted to share some teaser photos with you all. Enjoy! Hope you like them. =)
P.S. Yes, we are aware that she's in the wrong chair, however, this was before we shot the actual skit and we wanted to get some cool footage before Clay-Ellen got down and really dirty from the animation process. =) Thoughts??

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