Monday, October 8, 2012

Our latest project!!

"The Both of Us" is based on a story by Mirae Lee. Adapted by Cool Town Creations, aka Cool Town Claymation.

Written by: Mirae Lee
Directed/Edited/Animated by: Jennifer Kim & Carol K. Ras-
Sound Designer: Dave Grimm
Voice Talent: Alison Johnson

Behind the scenes!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fresher Than Cool: Mic The Unheard Ep. 5 Josh Whiting

 Cool Town Claymation's newest segment "Fresher Than Cool: Mic The Unheard" highlights artist/songwriter/engineer, Josh Whiting of Stage Red Studios. Read more about Josh Whiting below!

 BIO: Josh Whitng Owner/ Stage Red Studios 

Born in Albany New York and raised in San Diego Califorina Josh has been involved with music for over 18 years. He began producing and recording bands after graduating from Musicians Institute in 2002 and interning at Golden Track Studios in San Diego. In 2008 Josh moved to Los Angeles to pursue audio engineering of corse like any musician finding their place took work. After freelancing as an audio engineer and working various jobs such as West LA Music, Guitar Center and Center Staging, in 2010 he was able to build his own studio called Stage Red Studios. He has engineered and produced artists with genres that include Rock, Metal, Acoustic, Country, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Voice Over and Radio Commercials. Stage Red Studios has worked with companies such as Rostrum Records (Wiz Khalifa, Mac Millar, Vali Porter), Resort Entertainment & Technologies,, Electric Blue Media and other industry companies Stage Red Studios works with local and out of state artists, such as Army On the Dance Floor, Kourntney Klein (Nitzer Ebb), Juice McCain (Black Walstreet), Tru Collins (Transibierian Orchestra, Tru & The Strays), Juicy J (3 Six Mafia), Rome (Sublime with Rome), Mars (1500 or nothin) just to name a few. Josh also writes and produces music with many local artists. He has gone beyond the scope of just engineering music, he often records Foley sound for movies, animations, webisodes, and commercials and well as sound designing.

“At Stage Red Studios we take pride in our work and offer many services such as tracking music, voice over's, commercials, post production and many more for your recording needs. Our Mission is to provide you with a supreme studio experience while capturing your artistic vision. We are a talented group from both a creative and technical standpoint. The payoff is a staff eager and able to please.” 


 Cool Town is an innovative platform for creative artists to collaborate and turn a simple thought into something tangible-stop-motion animation that is entertaining, educational and visually stunning. We are looking for underground, indie, unsigned musicians in all genres who want to gain free exposure and add to their following. This is an opportunity to be headlined in our growing community; we'll conduct an intereview, feature the artists' material and highlight the artists in their own persnal segment we call "Fresher Than Cool" hosted by Cool Town's very own Claymation VJ's. Email: for more info!

Monday, February 13, 2012


In the works...more updates to come!

 Decided to have a little fun along the way...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Follow Us, We'll Follow You!

Stop-Motion Animation is emerging and soon enough you can be "in-the-know" on-the-go with our mobile app! Get the latest news, updates and more on our projects along with behind-the-scenes content! We know that in today's world being readily accessible to our viewers is important, so here we are, ready to entertain you on your lunch break, during your meetings, in your cubical, laundromat or anywhere else you'd rather not be! So, don't follow us, we'll follow you! 

While we strive to develop our mobile app to perfection, in the meantime, you can download our browser app for quick and convenient access to all of our social media sites all in one click---soon to be one tap! =)

Here's what you can expect---peep the screenshots below!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The New 'Cool'

This is Carol Ras- here, creator of Cool Town, and I just wanted to update this blog to let our loyal fans know what's been going down in Cool Town!

As some of you may know by now, I am heavily involved in all of our 'Cool' projects---from development to set and character designs, to directing and animating, and finally to editing and viralizing. Seems like a lot of work because it is...but occasionally I do get help with these things, so it's not all me, all of the time---I must say that I am truly humbled and blessed to have such a great team of people who work alongside of me in these projects and who really bring great ideas and creations to the table. They're the few people that can genuinely match my efforts, and it's indescribable how much I appreciate them. Shout out to the 'Cool' Team, you know who you are! =)

With that said, the payoff is immense and, it too, is indescribable. I usually never realize how much work is put into what we do until someone asks me about what it is that we do, or how we do what we do. That's when I'm finally able to wrap my head around the intensity of this form of art and why so many people can be intimidated by it. It certainly takes a great deal of patience, trial and error and a few bad ideas to generate good ones.  And no matter what level you're performing at (beginner, hobbyist or experienced), and correct me if I'm wrong because it could just be me, but the results are always mind-blowing because you get to see your efforts literally come to Life! 

Squeaky Clean. Refreshing our Freshness.
Okay, okay, enough rambling about a bunch of nothing---=) I'm really here to let you know that I've been exploring and discovering a lot of new, interesting and innovative ways to utilize not just what we have access to, but what we're limited to as well, and coupling a few odd aesthetics to create a more dynamic way to share our stories and concepts. Things that are indescribable seem to the be the theme of this post because I can't quite explain it, but this combination of technology and natural ability is what we're trying to better understand so we execute our projects in the most efficient and prolific way. 

Now, we're no experts, just a couple of artists stumbling through the process to be better than we were...or until one of us hits the lottery, whichever comes first...=D Until then, we will continue to work less in the real world and more in our 'little' world...(one could only hope=).

Anyhow, that's it for now, not for good---stay tuned for more updates---check out our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr...for more updates if you don't see any here.