Monday, January 14, 2013

StopCART-Motion™ -or- StopMoToon™ Is a NEW HYBRID developed by Cool Town Creations/Claymation™

StopCART-Motion™  {stop-cart-motion} also coined StopMoToon™  {stop-mo-toon} 
by Cool Town Creations/Claymation™

StopCART-Motion™  -or- StopMoToon™  is a unique hybrid between a mixed medium animation. It’s predominately Stop-Motion Animation with a Cartoon Effect which is used to create a very specific atmosphere intended to not only support a storyline, but to enhance the visuals by combining an array of mixed medium art. This technique really allows us to create cartoon style films using a method that we’re already familiar with and are working to master, Stop-Motion Animation. We appreciate the art and efforts that go into making both types and in no way is this intended to take the essence away from its original formatting, but to bring them together and help them immerge, so to speak, in this technologically booming era. This unique union allows both mediums, along with others that may be mixed in there, to support each other, to help to create a world that may not otherwise come to life as envisioned or realized, but only when coupled with two totally separate worlds, 3 Dimensional Animation (Stop-Motion) and 2 Dimensional Animation (Cartoons), along with others.

StopCART-Motion™  or  StopMoToon™  was birth like most innovations were---within  limitations. We had to get creative with limited resources, and not only is this true with a lot of our projects, but this was also experimental. The lack of resources in this particular case was---time; and it was a major part of how this all came to play. Another major thing that really helped in the birth of StopCART-Motion™  or  StopMoToon™  was that we had set pieces and characters all in different sizes and scale, and were a bit bummed about the possibility of them not ever being used again unless, of course, we decided to continue creating puppets and sets at that particular scale. So, in using this technique, we’re able to reuse a lot of our characters, sets and props because, essentially, they would never be shot together even if they’re in the same scenes (with very few exceptions).

This is truly an immersive technique for us and we are excited to develop more projects using the StopCART-Motion™  or  StopMoToon™ format in both the near and distant future. 

Be sure to check back soon for samples of this technique!!