Monday, February 28, 2011

"Fresher Than Cool: Mic The Unheard" Musician Highlight Ep.1 Troy Turner

Cool Town Claymation's newest segment "Fresher Than Cool: Mic The Unheard" highlights filmmaker, musician & artist, Troy Turner. Read more on Troy below!

When we first met Troy, which was back in October of 2007, he was 
alongside of us making short films. Troy always had a unique sense of design and a eye for capturing images with compositions that define his illustrious language. He is currently exploring stenciling and other forms of art while continuing to write music. Troy plans to soon play in local venues so more can 
discover his sound. You might see some of his work in Cool Town sometime in the near future! 

Cool Town is an innovative platform for creative artists to collaborate and turn a simple thought into something tangible-stop-motion animation that is entertaining, educational and visually stunning.  We are looking for underground, indie, unsigned musicians in all genres who want to gain free exposure and add to their following. This is an opportunity to be headlined in our growing community; we'll conduct an interview, feature the artists' material and highlight the artists in their own personal segment we call “Fresher Than Cool” hosted by Cool Town's very own Claymation VJ's. 
Email: for more info!

We're passionate artists extending our time and talent to help other creative, passionate people be 
seen and heard.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Are YOU "Fresher Than Cool"?

Heres a sneak peak at our latest creation. Be on the lookout for the first two segments of "Fresher Than Cool: Mic The Unheard" Highlighting indie, underground & unsigned musicians hosted by our very own Claymation Host, Liberty Layne! To find out more about the submission process email us at:
.And, yes, these are REAL musicians. ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cool Town Meets The Mag'!

The Los Angeles Talent Magazine has a small section on our creator, Carol K. Ras!  This is definitely a cool opportunity for those who don’t know much about the brains behind the operation to get a little insight! Check it out on pages 16 & 17:
Screenshot of the Article