Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Come to Cool Town...Literally!

Our sets & set pieces are being displayed at Nino's Restaurant in Long Beach as a part of Bixby Knolls 1st Fridays Artwalk! Tell a Friend & Take a Friend to this rare showing of our sets & set pieces!

Tell a Friend & Take a Friend for this rare showing of our sets & set pieces!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

At High Cost Outtakes: Voice Over Session

Here are a few funny moments during our voice over session for our film noir, "At High Cost"

Watch "At High Cost" here:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes: The Making of "Message From Cool Town"

Hey Folks,
Here's the first, of many to come, Behind the Scenes video with commentary by me, Carol k.Ras- the Creator of Cool Town Claymation. Read more about our experiences in the making of "Message From Cool Town" below!

Extended Commentary:
In filming this project, it being our first and all, we expected some turbulence. Some of which, we could've been able to prevent, others, not so much. All went well for several hours into the shoot, then our first problem occurred. The battery ran out and we had no back up! Not only was this a total inconvenience to sit around for an hour at a time just to get 15 minutes of juice so we could continue to shoot as much as we can before it died again, but it drained our patience and heightened our anxiety as it was a basic fundamental that we'd overlooked. Perhaps, it was because we hadn't expected the shoot to take longer than 3 hours, but we were entirely wrong.

Our second issue occurred, and it goes hand-in-hand with the battery depletion, was that the power went out in some parts of the building. Leaving us with another obstacle, searching for power to power the power source (whew, that was a mouth full!). We eventually found an outlet that was our miracle and as previously mentioned, what was supposed to be a 3 hour day turned into a, roughly, 9-10 hour extravaganza! Not to mention, that we powered (no pun intended) through the rest of the shoot having to light freestanding with flashlights and other battery operated practicals. That was fun and is very apparent when watching the video as some areas are darker than others. But fortunately, the shoot was an exterior night shoot, which was somewhat forgiving.

This project was truly adventurous, ambitious and tons of fun. Especially since this was our first stop-motion claymation video and we really had no idea what we were doing, yet alone, what we were getting into. I must say, we truly took a lot away from this experience and still apply what we've learned in our work today. We stumbled through the entire process all in good fun, with an open mind and ready to dive into the unknown. This project was definitely the planting seed of our journey to honing our craft in this artistry. 

I'd like to personally thank all of our friends, fans and families for all of your continued support in making Cool Town Claymation what it is today. As cliche as it sounds, I would not be doing this if it weren't for all of the responses we've gotten from our viewers. I am grateful and truly humbled by your new found appreciation for the art. I hope you will continue by our side and I hope we can continue to entertain, educate and enthuse you to live, learn and laugh! 

Looking forward to another great year with Cool Town Claymation!
CEO/Creator/Founder/Operator of
Cool Town Claymation
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Monday, December 6, 2010

An Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes!

Hey All, 
Are you ready to see what it takes to bring our cLayzie 'ol world to Life!?!  Well, here's a first glance at what goes down behind the scenes of Cool Town!  All videos can be found in our 'Video Bar' to the right or simply follow the links below the photos.

Photo Description: Animating the Fly's eyes. From the set of "Lights Out" a two-part PSA.

                                                         Watch "Lights Out:Scenario One" (Above)
Watch "Lights Out: Scenario Two"
Photo Description: Character Modeling from "At High Cost: The French Maid"

Photo Description: Creating replicas of Dom's Delights succulent treats.
To find out more about Dom's Delights and how you can place your order, check out their Facebook Page:  
Watch "Dom's Dleights"

Photo Description: Inserts for our Award Winning, "Spare Some Change?"
Watch our Award Winning, "Spare Some Change?
Be sure to check back for more Exclusive Behind the Scenes photos from our sets!


Ever been stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cellular service or gadget signals?  Well, now you won't have to worry about walking for miles to that one lonely house, that's likely to be haunted or occupied by a psycho killer, to ask to use a phone that they probably have, with a busted cord!

So, spare yourself from becoming tomorrow's headliner by signing up for Roadside Assistance! A new program that comes with a device that works similarly to an ankle monitor, except it's inserted into your car's mechanism and tracks any unusual activity and will dispatch the correspondence accordingly! This chip creates and fills in signals that are between towers so it's always within tracking distances no matter where it is.  If help arrives and the problem has been resolved or there wasn't a problem to begin at all, you won't be charged a single cent. Coolest fictional thing ever to have never existed!  Oh, also, word around Cool Town is that this device also reports when you park in a  red zone, run red lights and California roll your stop signs. So, please refrain from doing silly, unlawful things.

Now available in the Greater Cool Town areas such as Strange Town and other surrounding cities!

Feeling Overworked?

Like the rest of the world, Cool Town's economy isn't looking so good either. If it makes you folks in the real world feel any better, little clay people are, too, hard at work and getting the butcher block once the task has been tackled. People are overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, over qualified, under qualified and plain ol' miserable with this little episode called "recession". People are turned down after countless hours of submitting hundreds of resumes to companies that just can't afford to hire them; all while the hole deepens.

The University of Cool Town recently sought out what Cool Towners think about the deficit that we are currently facing. The results were mind blowing! Let's just say, that in spite of your job not being your "dream" job, just be glad that you even have one to hate. There are plenty of people out there that are having difficulties finding a promising career or simply just a job of some sort. Believe it or not, there's a growing line of people who are more than willing to take your spot because Sally Mae and those other folks want their money. 

So, next time you clock-in, keep in mind of how lucky you are to be where you stand. =) At least until the economy gets better.

There's a place for everyone in Cool Town!

A Skateboard Park is currently under construction for all of our super-skate-savvy-clay-peeps. More hangouts are in development and are expected to be completed whenever it's completed! =) Seriously though, we're working to bring you more in depth with the city and show you around town! Lots to see, lots to explore, plenty of crazy characters to meet and follow around on their wacky adventures. So, stay posted for more updates to come!! We certainly cannot wait to bring you into our imaginations and show you what goes on in our cLayzie ol' world! 

Until then, cheers!

-Cool Town Claymation & Its Makers-

MiniDesign by Our Creator!

Hey All,

Just wanted to update you guys that our creator's miniature designs are now available on! So, if you're a collector or just love the look of Cool Town and all the cool sets and props etc, be sure to check out the "My Etsy" tab on our page or follow this link:, where you'll find the most exclusive and latest collections! They'll make great gifts for the holidays for that special miniature lover in your life!

Thank you so much for you continuous support & be sure to tell your friends about us!
-Cool Town Claymation & Its Makers-

Design Yourself

"Design Yourself" is an innovative project that sends a powerful message to all People, all shapes, sizes and shades to accept who you are and embrace your uniqueness because essentially, only you can determine the outcome of yourself. 

Watch "Design Yourself" here:, where you can find more Cool Town contents!
Decide what you'll become. How would you design Your Epitome?

Design Yourself (Epitome of Me) is Cool Town Claymation's second installment with Broccoli City. Inspired by Jay-Z's quote: "Nobody's built like you, you design yourself" 

Cruisin' Cool Town!

Come and take a ride with us and explore what's going down in Cool Town. As promised, we are working to bring you more in depth with the city. Meet the people of Cool Town and essentially enter our cLayzie world! More to come so be on the lookout! 

Or Watch 'Cruisin' Cool Town' here :,
where you can explore more Cool Town contents!