Thursday, June 2, 2011

"The Notorious 101" is finally available for viewing!

It's finally here and ready to watch! Our latest collaborative project with Umbrella House Productions, "The Notorious 101" is a spec-spot for's Brisk Ice Tea Video Competition. Co-Directors, Carol Ras- of Cool Town & Greg Whitehead of Umbrella House, saw this challenge as an opportunity to finally work alongside one another as Directors. And, this is only the beginning of many future collaborations!
About the Contest:
The contest brief is to create a video between 30-60 seconds long demonstrating what we felt needed to be more "Brisk" is Life. The idea that spawned was a no-brainer being that both productions are Los Angeles based and know much about the chaotic, hot-mess-of-a-traffic-system we so graciously love to half-heartedly tan in. So, naturally and immediately, this became the concept that we kicked into gear and began developing. 
 And, unlike the traditional Cool Towners, these characters have FACES--WHOA!!! Is this a new realm for Cool Town? Possibly. But nonetheless, the faceless characters are somewhat of a trademark, however, that won't stop us from exploring and taking you in different parts of this fictional world where there are characters with features and other strange, unique and rather unusual traits. Be on the lookout!

In conclusion, this project opened up a new chapter for us and we are truly stoked about taking our viewers for a new adventure! 
Scroll down for some Behind the Scenes Photos!

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