Monday, April 8, 2013

NEW!! Late Night Television: Couch Commerce Ep.1

Don't you just love infomercials!?! It's so bad, it's good!  A new series from Cool Town Creations/Claymation - sit back, relax and laugh-out-loud!

Late Night Television: Couch Commerce Ep.1 features "Insta-Hickey", "Insurance Software" & " Key-Earrings" mock infomercials. These are intended to make you chuckle just a little on the inside - so please, put away your wallet and whip out your sense of humor. Enjoy! 

Behind-the-scenes and other exclusives:

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twitter: @cooltownclay

Written/Directed/Edited by: Carol K. Ras-
Art Dept: Carol K. Ras-, Jennifer Kim, Irma Gomez & Coral Huerta
Animation: Jennifer Kim & Carol K. Ras-
Original Music by: Dave Grimm
Voice Over Talent: Noelle J. Paul

A Cool Town Creations™ Picture

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